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IT start-UPS

Investing in startups carries with it certain benefits and it is realized not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Russia. Today, the startup project is a whole industry. In the future it is expected that interest will only increase.

"The idea is not worth anything!" — these words, often you can hear from incompetent investors, but we don't think so. We believe that the idea determines the success or failure of a startup. In this section, we briefly describe our company.

We invest in IT start-UPS are at the preparatory and finished stages.

Our main objective is the fastest possible development of a prototype of the project and bringing it to market. Speed and flexibility are the key to the success of the project. We, as entrepreneurs, have a direct interest in the success of our projects. Therefore, we are interested primarily those projects which have a strong business model and most importantly — smart model of promotion.

We do not expect huge profits, and orientirueshsya on real projects, are able to earn from the beginning.


Every startup needs to grow. Even if at first, the model involves the development of only one city, in its business plan, should include items of the scale of the project. You must have an idea about where he will move and what should be in the future.

The business model

Primarily we are interested in those projects that have a clear and effective business plan. What the industry chose to develop and how they are going to make money?


The task of selection and implementation of investment Finance in a startup, we completely took over. Each invested us IT-startups, we get a percentage. The whole process of implementation is to find really good startups, which is a development stage, its completion and to market in the fastest possible time and with maximum efficiency.

Who are we?
Blitz-Script - a close-knit team of analysts, managers, investors and lawyers with 10 years experience in business-incubators and investment funds in Europe, Asia and the USA. Our company is built on horizontal relationships, as the field of start-UPS. We operate on a strict algorithms of individual and collective responsibility, dedicated and competent. Trust and Responsibility are our OEM Assembly values that help us be effective during investing in startups and as a result we achieve success together with our partners and customers.
Our advantages
Our company exists on earth, we have official offices in the UK, Turkey and Russia. Yes, you can visit our branches to learn more about our company and ascertain the reality of her westowne. To view the addresses, click on the link "Contacts".
Withdrawal is automatic and the money is transferred instantly to your account which you have specified in your personal Cabinet in the section "Settings".
At the moment, we have 4 hot lines you can get interesting information for you, or ask for help. Over time, the network of hot lines, will also be expanded.
Invite your partners, and receive a percentage of the contribution of Your partner, that will allow you to earn consistently without investment.
We take a responsible approach to their work, therefore, conclude only rational transaction in which certain 100%.
Our project has all the advanced methods of the web security in the first place the security of your funds and data.